Our projects

CultTech Association supports and runs initiatives that explore technology’s transformative power, foster debate about the implications of technological change, and attempt to steer technological transformation for the greater good. We bring innovative approach to the core areas of culture since 2017.
Here are some of our projects, both recent and launched by our team before the association was founded.
Constructor University Bremen & CultTech Association: Challenging Tech and AI: Mapping the interests of scientists and creative professionals in the future use of technology
to enhance creative processes, knowledge production and dissemination.
The core events of the CultTech Association in 2023 and useful links
This historic event will introduce the X-TET concept and showcase the format of “comment-concert”, when musicians explain the pieces they play and help the audience to find their personal jewels in each piece.
Ars Electronica and CultTech Association proceed with their series of expert events devoted to AI research in the field of music. This time we met in Venice at Biennale Musica 2023.
At Ars Electronica festival we joined forces to build a Competence and Research Centre for the most sensitive application field of AI.
Award for Social Impact Projects in Culture and Technology. Individuals, collectives, and organizations submitted their groundbreaking projects that showcase the responsible utilization of technology in the arts.
CultTech Space is a festival exploring accessibility and financial sustainability of culture through technology.
CultTech Space is a part of ViennaUp'23 startup festival.
CultTech Accelerator, a partner of the CultTech Association, has already had over 300 applications for its program and run 25 startups through it, and it’s doubling down on its efforts in 2023.
Presenting the CultTech Space festival to the world at one of the major European tech events.
Joint exhibition with King Fahad Cultural Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Here, the majority of artworks were co-created by AI.
Hosting startup competition for tech-driven innovation in culture.
Manifesting and discussing our agenda.
During the pandemic, we launched an online version of an art fair. There, art collectors could chat with the gallery and even negotiate the price.
Supporting an alternative view on the possibilities of NFT.
Together with prominent art museums, we digitized the patronage mechanics. The users now can influence the museums' collections.
Within the Labs in Russia and Austria, high class developers were solving the challenges of museums and theaters.