Italy, Venice

Biennale Musica di Venezia

21 October, 2023
AI for Culture: Part III, Venice
Ars Electronica and CultTech Association proceed with their series of expert events devoted to AI research in the field of music. This time we met in Venice at Biennale Musica 2023. You can find the program & speakers' names below.

  • Keynote on AI for music by Gerfried Stocker
Ars Electronica, Artistic director

  • Panel discussion moderated by G.Stocker


Brigitta Muntendorf
Composer, opera director
Guy Ben-Ary
Researcher, SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia
Lucia Ronchetti
Director of the music department, Venice Biennale
D. Aksenov
chairman of the bord, CultTech association
The recent surge in Artificial Intelligence applications, particularly those utilising Generative AI, has ignited intense and often contentious discussions in daily media. Its impact spans numerous realms of human society, economies, and culture. The boundless potential of AI applications in cultural production has captured the interest and excitement of artists and their audiences. Simultaneously, it has raised valid concerns about the yet unforeseeable effects of AI on intellectual property, the value and authenticity of artistic expression, and even the human condition itself.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, discussions about AI are frequently surface-level and marred by misconceptions about the technology. More critically, it often overlooks the cultural dimensions of AI. The future of human culture, including individual creators, cultural institutions, and their audiences, hangs in the balance. Therefore, the discourse surrounding AI's beneficial application and impact must be integrated into the cultural sphere. Cultural institutions and creators mustn't passively wait for external entities, corporate or governmental, to dictate their future. Instead, they must collaborate to amass and disseminate the knowledge and insight required for an informed approach to AI's advantageous use—and future trajectory—in culture.

Ars Electronica and CultTech Association have led in organising a series of expert meetings on "AI and Music." Following events in Salzburg alongside the Salzburg Festival and Linz during Ars Electronica, the next gathering will be held in Venice during the Biennale Musica 2023. Discussions will again place firsthand experiences of artists working with AI and music at the forefront.