At CultTech Association we recognize that partnerships are not just important, but essential to realizing our vision of a thriving CultTech ecosystem. We understand that we cannot achieve our mission alone; it is through the power of collaboration that we foster a dynamic environment where diverse perspectives converge, sparking creativity and driving impactful change. We are grateful for our partners’ support, expertise, and shared commitment to leveraging culture by means of technology.
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The mission of the CultTech Association is to build a global community of like-minded individuals and ambitious initiatives that are reinforcing the potential of culture to become a game changer for other areas of human activity. Together we can do it, and you can take part in it. Join the global CultTech movement and become a member like the CultTech Accelerator and Legendarium CultTech Venture Builder.
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The CultTech community is a vibrant and innovative collective of individuals and organizations at the intersection of culture and technology. It brings together artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring the limitless possibilities where culture and technology converge.

By becoming a part of this ecosystem, you gain access to a network of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in leveraging technology to drive cultural innovation. It's a space where you can collaborate, learn, and exchange ideas with experts and professionals from various fields.
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