We support ambitious initiatives aimed at exploring sustainable approaches to world economic growth with culture at its heart.
Award for Social Impact Projects in Culture and Technology — goes to Art Meets, a South African-born App that connects visual arts ecosystems.
The award ceremony will take place at Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria,

on the 7th September 2023.

Join us on September 7th at Ars Electronica festival and let's join forces to build a Competence and Research Center for this most sensitive application field of AI
CultTech Association founder’s interview for Brutkasten
CultTech =
culture + technology
CultTech is the application of technology to the benefit of culture and society. It has the potential to empower creators and consumers, enable massive access to culture and foster new economic models.

Who we are
CultTech Association (est. in 2021 and formerly known as Immaterial Future) is a Vienna-based non-profit that believes technology is key to making culture central to human growth in a post-material world. We support and run initiatives that explore technology's transformative power and attempt to steer technological transformation for the greater good. Our scope of work includes supporting cultural startups, creating educational programmes and shaping investment opportunities.

Our vision
We strive for a world where culture is freed from financial constraints, and all humans can access it to empower their lives. Through the use of technology, we leverage culture as a core element of human growth.

Our mission
We are creating a new ecosystem by establishing a win-win relationship between culture and technology. These two worlds will benefit from each other and will create a new driving force for developing economy and society in a more sustainable way.
We are building a global community of like-minded individuals and ambitious initiatives that are reinforcing the potential of culture to become a game changer for other areas of human activity.
Our team
  • Dmitry Aksenov
    Chairman of the board
  • Pierre-François Marteau
    Board member
  • Tatiana Ilyina

    Board member
  • Alexey Steblev
    CСO, Board member
  • Anna Asaturova
    Project manager
  • Galina Fallenegger
    Event & project manager
  • Olga Haulet
    Program Director
  • Andrey Gordasevich
    Head of communications
  • Pavel Yablonskiy
    Communications manager
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