november 16, 2019

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New generation ticketing system
Wiener Konzerthaus

Existing ticketing systems have a number of limitations: cultural institutions do not control the secondary market, do not receive enough data, and do not have the necessary tools for integrating sales systems. These and other problems should be solved by the efforts of the Russian startup Crypto.Tickets, which is developing a solution for the Vienna Konzerthaus. At the CultTech Lab session, representatives of Crypto.Tickets and Konzerthaus discussed how they are working together to create a new generation ticketing system - and how visitors will buy tickets in the near future.
Visitors flows orchestration
Yasnaya Polyana Estate-Museum

Museum visitors and tourists usually follow the same routes to the main points of interest - whether it's paitings on a scale of a museum or landmarks on a scale of a city. The problems of overcrowding of some spaces and the reduced popularity of others can be solved by distributing user flows via artificial intelligence. At the CultTech Lab session, representatives of different types of venues - the museum, the estate museum and the city - discussed existing problems, and Mobile Angels startup presented a relevant solution.
Cultural Models for Digital Natives

Aksenov Family Foundation

Markus Lust, Head of Cultural Strategy at Virtue (part of international Vice media-empire) will tell the audience how the new generation of digital natives interacts with culture — and how Vice creates relevant content for them.
  • Markus Huber
    CEO, Cultt Syndicate
  • Markus Lust
    Head of Cultural Strategy, Virtue (Vice)
  • Yulia Vronskaya
    Head of International Projects, Yasnaya Polyana Estate-Museum
  • Egor Egerev
    Founder, Crypto.Tickets
  • Eugene Barbashin
    Deputy Head of PR & Marketing, The Mariinsky Theatre
  • Roman Kovrikov
    Deputy Director for Cultural and Educational Work, Peterhof State Museum-Reserve
  • Sergey Cymbal
    CEO, Mobile Angels
  • Evgeny Stodyshny
    CEO of Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic
  • Maria Samsonova
    Head of Customer Service, The State Tretyakov Gallery
  • Dmitry Barsenkov
    Deputy Director, Russian Impressionism Museum
  • Alexander Malich
    Executive Producer, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre
  • Olga Lelekova
    Head of Department 'Concerts, Theatres and Museums', Rambler Group
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